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  • Preserved Grass Plants

preserved interior plants

A mummie plant is an indoor plant that is harvested at its peak and preserved. Mummie Plants retain their vibrant natural colour and perfect condition for years without any intervention. Meaning you always make the best possible impression. Effortlessly.

Preserved plants are ideal for office interiors because of their no-maintenance requirements. Mummie plants are evergreen, meaning they will never let you down by browning, wilting or looking unkempt. Though natural, mummie plants require no water, supplements, pesticides or costly care – they help you reduce costs and your carbon footprint.

Besides saving you money & protecting your image preserved plants have an important feelgood effect. Research proves that natural indoor plants make people more positive and productive.

Mummie Plants is an Irish business that prepares maintenance-free indoor plants to order. We offer a large selection – from grasses and mosses to palms and large trees. All plants are specially prepared to suit your individual interiors at our workshop in Churchtown, Dublin 14. Pots and planters can be custom-designed or you can choose from our elegant stock range.

For a hands-on experience of our plants we invite you to visit our showroom/workshop (by appointment). Please phone/e-mail us to arrange a personal viewing. We look forward to exploring the best indoor plant options for your interior and budget.