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the added value of preserved indoor plants

  • 100% natural
    Mummie plants are handmade from the preserved leaves of peak-fresh plants so you get all the benefits of an artificial plant from a real one.
  • maintenance free
    Our indoor plants are totally independent. Put them in place and your work is done, bar an occasional dusting. Save the costs and hassles of watering, pruning, feeding, bug-proofing and professional care.
  • low carbon footprint
    Mummie plants are natural plants that don’t get sick or hungry. They need no water, no supplements, no pesticides or visits from plant specialists. Once purchased their carbon footprint is tiny.
  • cost saving
    Preserved plants mean no more expensive plant maintenance contracts. See our costs and savings section.
  • no sunlight issues
    Many natural interior plants need plenty of sunlight. Mummie plants will live in the darkest basement. Lighting levels are not an issue for consideration.
  • no headaches
    A mummie plant will never have a ‘bad leaf day’ and will never need replanting or outgrow its space.
  • safe investment
    Preserved indoor plants are not at risk of loss to insects or illness or to contaminating your building with pests or fungal growths.Preserved plants retain their original colour, scent and texture so they look as good on Day-2365 as on Day-1.
  • greater security
    Mummie plants need no maintenance so you need not worry about random people accessing sensitive areas of your building.