preserving interior plants

A mummie plant is an interior plant that is handmade from fresh preserved leaves. We can 'lock' certain natural plants in a perfect condition so they retain their original appearance for many years without costly maintenance. Creating these super plants starts by replacing the water in their leaves with a bio-degradable, eco-friendly preserving fluid. The principle is simple: an ordinary interior plant needs a regular supply of light and water to live and look good. Irregularities in this supply put the plant's health at risk, causing wilting and even expiry.
At Mummie Plants we protect you against such losses. We use a special, patented process to replace the water in the plant with a glycerine substitute. Post-treatment, our plants retain their natural posture, colour and smell. But they no longer need water or light; they will not grow or deteriorate. They remain in their prime for years, perfectly preserved. Preserving an interior plant is a specialist, labour-intensive process. We will advise you on leadtimes depending on the sizes and styles of indoor plant you choose from our range.

indoor plant care made easy

A Mummie Plant offers you all the great looks of a natural interior plant with none of the maintenance costs. Mummie plants do not grow or decay; they will survive perfectly well without any attention. That means no watering, pruning, sweeping up leaves, re-potting or any of the other inconveniences posed by 100% live plants. A very occasional dusting keeps preserved indoor plants looking impeccable for many years.
Some small precautions ensure you get maximum value from your Mummie Plant:
  • It is an interior plant so needs to be kept indoors at all times.
  • Preserved plants need a temperature of 10°C+ and humidity below 70%. Modern air-conditioned buildings are perfect environments.
  • Mummie plants should never be watered, sprayed or placed in very humid (70%+) areas.